Meth Detection

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Meth Detection

A methamphetamine laboratory is typically not a large, permanent facility. The ingredients are common and generally easy to come by, so a lab may be set up nearly anywhere. In Colorado, labs have been discovered in the country, in small towns and in the largest cities, in homes, apartments and motels. In fact, Meth can be made in makeshift labs small enough to be stored in a suitcase and set up anywhere.


Being in or near a Meth lab is extremely dangerous. The toxic nature of the ingredients leaves behind hazardous waste – six pounds of waste trash is generated by each pound of Meth manufactured

When the ingredients are combined, they can ignite, causing explosions, fires and the release of toxic fumes. Many times, the waste material is dumped outdoors, causing irreparable damage to the environment and drinking water. Vapors seep into plaster and wood. Harsh liquids that are dumped or spilled can remain for a long time as residue in bathtubs, toilets or sinks. Environmental Testing Company conducts meth lab assessments to determine the presence or absence of Methamphetamine (meth) contamination, solely for the owner’s information. If Meth is determined to be present the State of Colorado requires a full assessment by a Certified Industrial Hygienist. Mr. N. Douglas Ayres CIE, provides Meth Lab Decontamination training throughout the U.S. for remediation companies. Each state has different Meth Lab decontamination laws with different standards of cleanliness. Please contact ETC for more information.

Learn the signs of a potential Meth lab to protect your family and your property from catastrophic damage: 

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