Fire Assessment

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Fire Assessment

Fire is devastating and even small fires can create vast amounts of fire and smoke damage to a building. In most cases, it is not just the building damage as much as the materials that were burnt and the toxic smoke associated with those materials like plastics, asbestos and proteins.

At Environmental Testing Company our inspectors are fully IICRC Fire Damage Restoration trained in recognizing the different types of fires and the required differences reconstruction and remediation.

Practice Fire Safety Tips During the Summer Months

DENVER, CO, May 25, 2008 – As you head into the summer months, planning campfires, summer barbeque parties in parks and backyards, and our Fourth of July celebrations, it’s important to practice fire safety. According to the U.S. Fire Administration’s (USFA) National Fire Data Estimates, cooking and gas grills alone have caused numerous fire disasters: more than 6,000 fires, Read More Here . . .