Case Studies


Case Studies

CASE STUDY 1:  Air Quality (Moisture/Mold) – Modular Structure Charter School.  The Classical Academy, a charter school in Colorado Springs, has five campuses.  The oldest campus encompasses 20 modular trailers.  Each of those trailers house two classrooms.  The campus also has a library and administration building constructed of four modular structures.  The Academy never intended for the school to be permanently housed in the modular structures, nor were the trailers intended to be permanent structures, but growth at their other campuses and other issues has delayed the construction of a permanent home for the academy.

The campus was 10 years old in 2007. Moisture in the crawlspaces was beginning to become an issue. The school administration was concerned about the potential health hazards that could be brought on by the moisture and resulting mold infestation. They brought in Environmental Testing Company as part of an environmental assessment team.  We inspected the classrooms and the crawlspaces and conducted rigorous mold sampling.

Based on the results, we worked with the school administration to develop a comprehensive remediation protocol.  Over the course of the assessment, we also worked with the administration and school board to develop a public communications strategy, which included attending and speaking at meetings with parents and the community.


CASE STUDY 2: Fire Damage – Large Hotel.  In January of 2008, an early morning fire broke out inside a large hotel located in the Denver Tech Center. The automatic sprinkler system functioned well and was able to quickly extinguish the fire.  No injuries were incurred; however, smoke and water damage was extensive on the floor where the fire started, as well as the seven floors located below the immediate fire.

Environmental Testing Company assessors arrived on scene and provided the initial environmental assessment strategy, to be certain that all of the damage was properly assessed and documented before any remediation work began. This extremely methodical process included moisture mapping and mold sampling, using infrared imaging and extensive scientific testing, to fully understand the scope of the damage, which was far beyond visual examination.  The goal was to make certain the right remediation protocol was established to minimize unnecessary destruction of property, increase repair efficiency, and ensure a complete, comprehensive and hygienic repair.

Once the environmental assessment was complete and a remediation protocol established, Environmental Testing Company worked closely with the remediation team and hotel management.  Environmental Testing Company provided day-to-day project assistance throughout the repair process.