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Jason Ayres

Jason Ayres — Vice President

Jason has lived in the Denver area for over 40 years. He graduated from Heritage High School in Littleton, CO, attended Metro State College, and entered the construction industry in 1993. Jason has 22 years of roof and wall system knowledge in both commercial and residential buildings. This includes all types of roof systems: flat, steep, and metal, in addition to: stucco, EFIS, fiber cement, vinyl, and metal wall systems. Having installed for 10 years, and project managed for 12 years, he has great insight to where moisture can enter the building envelope and how this can be corrected. In 2003, Jason helped to establish Environmental Testing Company, becoming a Certified Mold Inspector/Remediator and joined the Indoor Environmental Standards Organization (IESO) prior to continuing his construction experience as a Project Manager. In 2016, Jason returned to Environmental Testing Company and is certified through the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) as an Asbestos Building Inspector #22779, along with being a Certified Mold Professional #160153 through Interactive Occupational Training which is accredited and regulated by the Colorado Division of Private Occupational Schools Department of Higher Learning.

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Jason Ayres

Doug Ayres — President
Environmental Testing Company

Company History:

In August, 2003, Environmental Testing Company was acquired by Douglas Ayres to perform mold assessments associated with residential real estate transactions. Environmental Testing Company was later incorporated into a Limited Liability Company in December, 2003, and in the past nine years over 4,000 inspections have been completed to date.

By working in conjunction with homeowners, remediation companies, construction companies, as well as HOA’s, management companies, and attorneys,  ETC has actively increased its scope of services from mold assessments to currently offering indoor air quality, fire and flood assessments, radon measurements, state certified asbestos building inspections, Category 2 and Category 3 flood assessments, and testing for methamphetamine contaminated homes and buildings.

Highlights over the years include working with major builders on new build, multi-unit construction such as condominiums, townhomes, retirement communities and nursing home projects. ETC takes projects that have been mismanaged and develops strategies to quickly bring the project under control, utilizing critical path management and quality control to bring the project to completion and final conclusion, insuring the best possible indoor air quality.


Douglas Ayres was born and raised in Missouri and after the military, moved to Colorado in 1974 with his family. Through the years 1968 – 1971 while in the U.S. Army, Doug was Laboratory Instructor for the Department of Engineering, Materials Testing Laboratories at the United States Military Academy at West Point.  After his military service, Doug received his Bachelors of Science Degree from Central Missouri State University in Business, with additional educational and military experience in civil engineering.  In the mid seventies, he provided in-service training for doctors and nurses as a pharmaceutical sales professional. With Doug’s background of building sciences, pharmaceutical sales and a wide variety of other disciplines, many of them in new developing markets, he was able to use this experience to develop a new business.   Environmental Testing Company LLC was started in 2003 after Doug retired from corporate America. Doug has obtained numerous certifications in indoor air quality assessment to include, asbestos building inspections, air monitoring for VOC’s, odor, fire, smoke, Category 2 & Category 3 Floods, methamphetamine contamination, radon and mold.

Doug is a public speaker with over 30 years of teaching experience. Since starting Environmental Testing Company LLC, he has developed numerous training programs in mold awareness, methamphetamine contamination and radon awareness for realtors, corporations and environmental training schools, training over 4,000 attendees.

Environmental Testing Company has allowed Doug the opportunity to use his building science and medical knowledge, and experience in the indoor air quality and environmental inspection fields, to help provide safer and healthier homes and buildings for his customers.

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Doug Ayres




Doug Squire


Doug Squire,
President/Training Director –
– Interactive Occupational Training, Tech Environmental,
Delta 9 Environmental

Doug received his Business and Engineering education from the University of Colorado at Denver and has been involved with several companies in executive operations, sales, marketing and customer service. Electronic Metal Products (Dir. of Sales), Millennium Telecom Group (VP of Sales), FiberTronix, (President), Space Design Technology (President), and Engineered Data Products (Dir. of Sales and Marketing).  Prior to joining IOT in 2004, Doug was VP of Operations with Colorado Clean-up Services (CCS). Doug was responsible for operations, business development and employee training for CCS in the remediation and restoration field. During this time, Doug was a strong contributor to the content of the IOT Mold and Meth Lab Decontamination training programs for content, design and learnability and contributed on the committee for the IICRC AMRT Exam.

Doug Squire now serves as President of IOT, a training and certification company for the disaster recovery industry; and Tech Environmental, an environmental cleanup, inspection, disaster recovery and remediation company.  He is also involved in Delta 9 Environmental, an environmental specialty company specifically created for the investigation and testing of indoor air quality for the cannabis industry.

The various senior management positions in technology, business and sales makes Doug a great asset in his position of President for IOT, Tech Environmental and Delta 9 Environmental.  Doug’s day-to-day responsibilities include executive operations, environmental evaluation and testing, training, course development and instructor.

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Doug Squire